• Yes on Proposition C

  • “I grew up here, graduated from SF State, and advocate for Transitional Aged Youth. I support Prop C because we need more affordable housing for all generations who want to stay in San Francisco.” - Luisa Sicairos

  • "When we build homes, we build hope. Prop C brings affordable, mixed-income housing - and hope - to every San Francisco neighborhood." Deven Richardson, SF Housing Development Corporation

  • "San Francisco neighborhoods are struggling, as middle class families and small businesses are being forced out. We need real solutions like Prop C." George Wooding, neighborhood leader

  • “Displacement and housing insecurity have grave impacts on the health of seniors, families, and children. Prop C will alleviate housing insecurity for middle and low income families and help our communities remain intact.” Maureen Dugan, CA Nurses

  • "Too many people I work with and that serve our communities have been forced out of San Francisco because of high rents and low wages. Prop C is a common-sense way to create affordable housing that we so desperately need." - Josué Argüelles

  • “Inclusionary housing is one important way to help San Francisco families stay in the City. Propo C is real solution that increases affordable housing in our neighborhoods." - The Chou Family

The Prop C Solution:photo_cityhall_2.jpg

  • More than doubles the affordable housing requirement for large, market-rate developments
  • Includes middle-income affordable housing so San Franciscans like teachers and nurses can afford to live here
  • Encourages the creation diverse, mixed-income neighborhoods that make San Francisco unique

Proposition C is supported by a diverse coalition of local leaders and organizations who work to prevent evictions, slow the rising costs of rent and homeownership, and provide affordable housing to those most in need.


PROP C passed in JUNE 2016 with 67% voter approval!